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 This is a sister community to the vidfinders community on Livejournal.

For those interested in helping fans on a  one on one basic to locate fanvids, please drop a comment below with the fandoms you have available and what you might be looking for

Ee: I have vids from Due South and Supernatural. I am interested in Xena vids.
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Mods: The mod committee for [ profile] vidfinders currently consists of: [ profile] abby_i, [ profile] makesmewannadie, [ profile] thefourthvine, and [ profile] wistfuljane.

Community rules: The following addendum has been added to the [ profile] vidfinders info page:

"For purposes of vidder identification only, [ profile] vidfinders will permit the one-time upload of a vid to YSI or a similar service. The vid must contain no information that would allow it to be identified in another way. The file must be deleted from the uploader's server once the vid has been identified if the link has not expired already (all fileshare hosts include a link to delete the file with the download link)."

Tags: Please tag your posts as to status, and update the status once the vid in question has been found or identified. Current status tags are:
[status]: unidentified
[status]: identified

The mods will continue to add fandom, song, and vidder tags; if applicable tags already exist, please feel free to add them to your posts.

Icons: The new community default icon is courtesy [ profile] cold_poet. Thanks, [ profile] cold_poet!
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[ profile] vidfinders is a new community for finding fan-made vids.

  • Got a vid you downloaded, but you don't know who made it? Ask here!
  • Remember a vid you once saw, but you can't remember the vidder/song, just some details? Ask here!
  • Had a link to a vid or vidder's page that seems to have disappeared since you last checked it, and you want to know what happened and/or get a working link? Ask here!
The theory is that as membership grows, other members will be able to help you out if they know the answers to your questions.

This is not a place to post challenges, request vids, or announce vids.

Please keep all discussion related to finding vids (no introductory posts, etc.) Off-topic posts will be deleted.

If anyone has suggestions for other rules, etc. they would be welcome. Is the annoying nav strip showing for all of you? Or just for me because I'm a maintainer? Anyone want to create a community icon that says "vidfinders" on it? How can I allow people to tag entries? Do I have to set up the tags, or will one of you volunteer to do it instead? *bats lashes* Does anyone want to co-mod with me (I like a panel of three to five people to discuss deletions and other issues with)?

Yeah. So, new comm. Enjoy!


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A community for finding fan-made vids.

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