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Looking for a due South vid of the Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski variety. Vidder unknown. Song is "Lullaby" by Assemblage 23.
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Does anyone know of a Due South vid set to "I Know" by Jude? It was Fraser/RayK from what I remember.

Some lyrics:

Step away from the edge.
Your best friend in life is not your mirror.
Back away come back away come back away...
I am here and I will be forever and ever and i...

I know that there's no where you can hide it.
I know the feeling of alone.
Trust me and don't keep that on the inside.
Soon you...you'll be locked out on your own.

You're not alone...

You're not alone...

And don't say you've never been told.
I'll be with you till we grow old...
Till am old grown and i'm cold..

I'm not further beyond the grown..
I'll be with you till we grow up young..
Like a dog you can always come home..
Pick up a bone..
Look around town baby down town
Don't throw me to the pound..
Look around look around...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hey, I don't know if anybody will be able to help with this, but it's worth a shot.

I'm looking for a Han Solo/Luke Skywalker vid. It's basically about Luke having a crush on Han. The music was "I Need a Hero" -- the Frou Frou cover. I don't remember who the vidder was. I watched it like... a few years ago. I don't think I watched it on youtube. I have tried searching through the old SW vid lj comms, and goggling all sorts of combinations of terms, but nothing has come up. I really wish I could find it -- it was awesome. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Maybe?


Mar. 5th, 2011 08:25 pm
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Does anyone have a working link for the Clark/Lex vid "My Immortal" by Hecubus? All of the links I can find are to a site that no longer exists.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I'd really love to be able to see this one again.
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Hi! I've looked on google and youtube and asked a couple friends, but I've been unable to locate a copy or link to a Dark Angel vid I saw a few years ago. It was focused on Alec and set to Ace of Base's "Beautiful Life." I don't remember the vidder, though.
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Does anyone have a link to all parts of "A Clexian Love Story" by theclexfactor?
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First one is a cast vid for Angel the Series, song "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

Second one is for the character Ghost from the film Pathfinder, song "The Only One" by Evanescence.
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Hi all

I'm looking for Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick vid, completely instrumental. Possibly called Oh Fortuna? I know the song as the one from the beer ad (it's a BIG AD! VERY BID AD!), my housemate tells me its called Carmina Burana, possibly done by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

It was very mesmerising and pretty, and had footage of Jack in PB becoming Kiara in CoR, & Riddick being badass, & was very epic.

Any info appreciated, even if just to tell me its no longer online.
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The Buffy video I search is by [livejournal.com profile] corn_child013, the song being Third Eye Blind's Graduate. If anyone has a link to it or could make it available I would appreciate VERY MUCH (;
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I know that there's a Kirk/Spock slash vid set to Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" but I have no idea.
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Hey! This vid may or may not exist only in my imagination, but I'm trying anyway! SGA vid, starting out in sepia tones with John all beard-y, then turns to color and team footage, set to 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' Any ideas? Thanks!
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Fairly recent vid, using source from Buffy (TV), Buffy (Movie), Bring it On and Heroes, and it had lots of dancing fighting cheerleaders being awesome. It was on my old desktop before it went splodey, & I really want to rec it to a friend of mine but can't find online.

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Looking for a meta-style vid about Britney Spears, set to her song "Piece of Me." It featured news and paparazzi footage as well as clips from videos for her other songs.

Thanks for any help.

ETA: Found.
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I lost almost all the vids I had downloaded over the past few years as my external stopped working. :( So I'm looking to find them all again and my google-fu is turning up squat. I'm going to go only two fandoms at a time because the list is biiiiig. I know all the makers and the songs. I just can't find where to download them. Dead links and such. So onto the vids I'm looking for.

Miserable by Ryan (from morbidmuch) This was an Angel/Darla vid.
Everyday Is Exactly the Same (also by Ryan) It was an Angel/Angelus vid.
Whatever by Luminosity. That hilarious one where Angel is super gay.
Tuff Ghost by Sassy Kitten. An Angel vid.

Paranoir by Zohar. Spike/Buffy
God Says Nothing Back by txlsplash
Time by Katie from Simple Ruse. Buffy/Riley
Tainted Love by Milly. Spike/Buffy
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I'm looking for a Buffy vid to the song High Five by Calibretto 13. Does anyone know who made it/where I can find it?


QAF US vid

Jun. 25th, 2009 01:24 am
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I'm looking for a brilliant vid I saw a few years ago. It was Brian-centric and set to tune of "Superman" by Eminem. Your help is much appreciated!
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Hey, everyone!

Hoping someone here can help:

I'm looking for a Buffy: the Vampire Slayer vid that featured Spike/Riley. It was set to the song "You're the One that I Want" (yep, that one from Grease, the film).

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Found! Here at YT if anyone is interested in it as well.

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I'm looking for a vid made maybe two years ago, I think? Give or take? It was a Stargate Atlantis vid set to the theme song of The Muppet Show. It was absolutely great, but I only saw it hosted on YouTube, and at the time I did not know how to save YouTube vids to my computer. I went back a few weeks later (having learned how to do so), but found the vid as been ToS-ed and was gone.

I have no clue who made it, or if they put it up somewhere else, and I can't even remember how I found in the first place, so I can't go back to re-trace my steps. I've asked a few people, but it was up for so short a time, almost no one remembers it or saw it.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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Hi, I'm looking for a bsg vid to the song Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen. Don't remember who the vidder was, I think it had up to season 2 footage, was a few years ago.
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I'm looking for the Sisabet vid "Closer" but apparently she's disappeared off the face of the internet? Anybody know where I can possibly get a hold of and watch this vid?


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