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There was this vid I used to have and loved to pieces that I can't find a working link for anywhere. :-( It was by EosReia, it was called "Ancient Love," and it was an Angel/Darla vid set to the song "Love Song For A Vampire" by Annie Lennox. EosReia's old website is still alive, but the video link is broken. Does anyone know where a working version is, even if it's just on a streaming site somewhere?

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First one is a cast vid for Angel the Series, song "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

Second one is for the character Ghost from the film Pathfinder, song "The Only One" by Evanescence.
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I lost a couple of vids when my computer crashed a while ago. I'm looking for two AtS character study vids of Gunn and Illyria.

1. The Gunn vid was set to Kanye West's Jesus Walks.

2. The Illyria vid was set to a techno/electronica song. I remember the download link was on an unusual upload site that allowed you to watch the vid before downloading it.
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As some of you may know, Imeem recently deleted all user-uploaded vids, including many, many fandom-made vids. I was able to track down other sources of some of the my favorite vids, but I could not find duplicates for some others.

I am hoping folks here can help me track down some of the vids below. Thank you in advance!

Information on the Vids )
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I'm looking for the Sisabet vid "Closer" but apparently she's disappeared off the face of the internet? Anybody know where I can possibly get a hold of and watch this vid?
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Set to Sarah Mclachlan's "Hold On". Focused on Fred and Wes around the eps "Shells" and "Hole in the World", where she dies and becomes Illyria. Unfortunately that's all I know cause I'm looking for someone else. Thanks.

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Specifically In BtVS I'm looking for Xander/Spike pairing vid set to Laid sung by James (not Marsters, that's the name of the band.:))

Specifically in AtS, Angel/Lindsey pairing set to Last Stand in Open Country by Willie Nelson and Kidd Rock.

Specifically in SV, CLex, Set to I Want Your Sex, by George Micheal.

In addition to those there once was this very very huge data base of vids listed by fandom. I no longer have that link either, and I would love it if someone has it or any links to good vids from the following: BtVS, AtS, SV, SPN.

Thanks for the help.
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I don't know how many requests you can have but I'm looking for:

Revenge of the Sugar Plum Fairy-
Vidder: Lunatic and Wackjob
Artist: TranSiberian Orchestra
Category: Experimental, Recruiter
Characters: BtVS Ensemble
Pairings: None
All Season Six rolled into one. 

status: unindentified.


God Put a Smile On Your Face
Artist: Coldplay
Vidder: I think it's Redqueen
Characters: Angel/Faith/Wesley-centric.

status: indentified.

Greatly appreciated if one is at least found!!
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Hey, I'm looking for this video I used to have on my now broken-forever computer. The link to the music video is not working and I can't find it anywhere.

It's called "Cell Block Tango".

Song Title: Cell Block Tango
Vidder: Meghan
Artist: Chicago Soundtrack
Category: Constructed Reality, Experimental
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Faith, Fred, Gunn, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander
Pairings: F/F, M/F, Angel/Cordelia, Anya/Xander, Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Spike, Faith/Wesley, Fred/Gunn, Tara/Willow
Summary: The women of Btvs and Ats take revenge on their men.
Rated: R for all the murder and whatnot.
The video is pretty entertaining (or so I think), so DL it and give me some feedback!Please!
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I'm fairly certain I've seen a vid to the song "Have You Heard"  sung by Thea Gilmore,  I think it might have been an AtS vid abou Illyria.


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