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I'm looking for two Dr. Who/Torchwood vids. They are both on youtube and most probably from the same creator.

Nr. 1: It's about Jack and his many love interests. Everyone of them gets their own song. There's text in between like 'not that one, how about...' and it ends with Jack/Everyone.

Nr. 2: It's Jack/Ianto. It's played for comedy. I think it starts with Jack coming back after The Year that wasn't. There's lots of dialog cut in between. I think there was one line 'and your momma'. An upbeat song, very catchy.

I hope someone knows these vids. I thought I had it in my favorites, but I didn't have luck. Must have been lost after my last browser crash.

ETA: Found!
User: Clarityisback

Thank you!
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OK, a few more vids this time:

Vids=Joy! by CounterAgent
Moons of Jupiter by Eunice (a doctor who vid)
and Rodeohead by Absolute Destiny

I think that they're both anime vids, but I'm not sure....

any help is appreciated!
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Okay, looking for 2 vids this time, both in the Doctor who/torchwood fandom, the first is to the song "I can't decide" I think by the scissor sisters, a master themed vid.

The secong is to the song "a and b", and is a nine and ten comparison video.

Any help would be wonderful!!

edit: found! thanks for all your help!
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I was recently doing a switch between my computers and lost a number of vids, the one I'm looking for right now is Doctor Who (the new one) to the mashup song Boulevard of Broken Songs (it's a mashup song of Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams and an Oasis song)

Any help would be great!!

Thanks in advance!

edit: found! it`s Boulevard of Broken Songs by Hollywoodgrrl

Thanks for the find Chasarumba!
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I was wondering if anyone could help me out, due to an hd failure I have lost some music vids. I could do with your help finding them if possible.

The vids i would like to find are

 vid title - small town boy or heroes - a heroes vid (Hiro, peter etc) - music holding out for a hero by emery

stargate atlantis vid - title - why now hq season 1 music vid - music whynow by everyday sunday

any stargate atlantis, dr who or torchwood videos made by taelonmahal

torchwood vid - title - unquite grave

any help would be greatly appreciated
thankx in advance


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Hi. I was wondering if anyone could identify the original vidder(s) to this Doctor Who vid I found on YouTube: Jack Names the Planets

I know it says on the title card, but I can't read it clearly.

Thank you.

ETA: I e-mailed [livejournal.com profile] doyle_sb4, as per [livejournal.com profile] sally_maria's suggestion, and it is his vid (the first one). Thanks for your help.


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