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Does anyone know of a Due South vid set to "I Know" by Jude? It was Fraser/RayK from what I remember.

Some lyrics:

Step away from the edge.
Your best friend in life is not your mirror.
Back away come back away come back away...
I am here and I will be forever and ever and i...

I know that there's no where you can hide it.
I know the feeling of alone.
Trust me and don't keep that on the inside.
Soon you...you'll be locked out on your own.

You're not alone...

You're not alone...

And don't say you've never been told.
I'll be with you till we grow old...
Till am old grown and i'm cold..

I'm not further beyond the grown..
I'll be with you till we grow up young..
Like a dog you can always come home..
Pick up a bone..
Look around town baby down town
Don't throw me to the pound..
Look around look around...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello! I'm an idiot, i can't figure out who made a vid i downloaded today... It's a due South vid; Fraser/Victoria, RayV's point of view set to "Buy Now Pay Later" by the Whitlams. It starts and ends with Fraser at the train station getting shot. I liked it a whole lot and would be really grateful if someone had any ideas as to who made it, i think i found it on some rec list from delicious.

The lyrics are like this:


Buy now pay Later (Charlie No.2) Lyrics
Charlie you're not my Charlie anymore you're screwing it up
You're killing your soul with an audience looking on
If I hadn't left early last night I
would have made a speech to you
How you're not the one you're going to hurt
If you don't believe in me I don't believe in you
Makes it all feel better does it?
Makes it feel like heaven does it?
[ Find more Lyrics at www.mp3lyrics.org/iMj ]
You loved it and you spent accordingly
You can't afford it now
You'll try and you'll fail
And love it like a little dog
And feed it on the scraps you find
And kiss it while you're still asleep
You buy now and pay later
So where's the problem you can ask if you keep you head up
But the road is long and you're falling asleep at the wheel
Here's a girl going crazy about you and I'm not far behind
Can you care about your friends anymore?
You buy now and you pay later
Lyrics: Buy now pay Later (Charlie No.2),
Whitlams [end]
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Hi, I'm looking for a Due South fanvid by Laura Kaye, set to "Hanging by a Moment" (Lifehouse). I'd be especially grateful if anyone knows if it's available in different formats?

Many thanks!


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