Mar. 5th, 2011 08:25 pm
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Does anyone have a working link for the Clark/Lex vid "My Immortal" by Hecubus? All of the links I can find are to a site that no longer exists.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I'd really love to be able to see this one again.
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Does anyone have a link to all parts of "A Clexian Love Story" by theclexfactor?
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a member of my com is looking for these vids, one has already been found, maybe members here can find the other one?

Hi guys. I'm looking for two older vids, both Clex. The first one is set to The Pretty Ones by Sarah Slean and the other is set to You're The One by Tracey Chapman.

Thanks for any help.

The second one You're The One by Tracey Chapman is by marcasita, link can be found in the link above, in the comments.
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topasu is looking for a certain mulitfandom fanvid, anyone of you have a clue?

Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:17 am (PST)
I recently got myself a new pc (yeah!). During the transition of my stuff from one pc to the other, I lost some things (boo!). Most of it I had saved somewhere, but one multi-fandom slash fan-video I just can't find anymore.

Here's what I remember:
Song: Affirmtion by Savage Garden
Fandoms: among others Smallville, Quantum Leap, Queer as Folk, Stargate
(I believe also Sherlock Holmes and Sentinel)

Does this sound familiar to someone? If yes, then please tell me, where I can find the vid.
Thank you and a Happy 2008,

ETA: Found, links see comments!
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my friend, Herohunter is looking for a certain clex vid, no luck so far, anyone of you maybe knows it?

Hello all!

I was wondering if there's a Clex vid made with the song CALL ME by Blondie? If so, would someone kindly direct me to it?

(I have a slight recollection of seeing one, but it can just as easily be wishful thinking, so I thought I'd ask!)

Thanks in advance!


Jul. 27th, 2007 12:01 pm
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I'm looking for two CLex vids.

1. The song, Break Me, Shake me. I don't remember the artist of the song or the vidder.

2. The song is Supernatural. Again I don't know the name of the artist or the vidder.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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Specifically In BtVS I'm looking for Xander/Spike pairing vid set to Laid sung by James (not Marsters, that's the name of the band.:))

Specifically in AtS, Angel/Lindsey pairing set to Last Stand in Open Country by Willie Nelson and Kidd Rock.

Specifically in SV, CLex, Set to I Want Your Sex, by George Micheal.

In addition to those there once was this very very huge data base of vids listed by fandom. I no longer have that link either, and I would love it if someone has it or any links to good vids from the following: BtVS, AtS, SV, SPN.

Thanks for the help.
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Jp5412 is searching for a SV vid at

I'm looking for a vid, can't remember if it had it's own title but it was "I'm like a bird" by Nelly Frutado, it had some really great clips, mostly seasons 1-3.
Thanx in advance,

any help?


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