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OK, so I watched this vid... must be at least a year ago, now. It was SGA fandom and John/Rodney. I really liked the vid, and the song, but I remember hardly anything about it, and I have no idea who its by or where I saw it. I'll probably get the details embarrassingly wrong, but hopefully someone can help? The song was really very cheerful and I think it may have had something to do with Ireland or some reference to Ireland. Or maybe not. I'm fairly sure it was talking about a list of people someone had fallen for and it not working out, or something like that. If it helps any, it was on the credits to a movie (because I remember hearing it on tv and going "God, where have I heard this song before?" and then realising) but... yeah. I can't remember which movie. I remember a lot of the visuals were of computer displays or something, like a blueprint of Atlantis at one stage, and other symbols/graphics that were mostly blues and as block shapes. I think it was Rodney's POV but I could be totally wrong.

Arg, I'm sorry its not more specific. You've probably all seen it but have no idea what I'm talking about. -_-
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I'm looking for a link to the Stargate Atlantis/SG1 vid made to the sound of the discovery channel ad. I wanna rec it to a friend and I can't find the link.


ETA: Found it myself. Google is your friend. (http://nibikko.com/musicvids.html)
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topasu is looking for a certain mulitfandom fanvid, anyone of you have a clue?

Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:17 am (PST)
I recently got myself a new pc (yeah!). During the transition of my stuff from one pc to the other, I lost some things (boo!). Most of it I had saved somewhere, but one multi-fandom slash fan-video I just can't find anymore.

Here's what I remember:
Song: Affirmtion by Savage Garden
Fandoms: among others Smallville, Quantum Leap, Queer as Folk, Stargate
(I believe also Sherlock Holmes and Sentinel)

Does this sound familiar to someone? If yes, then please tell me, where I can find the vid.
Thank you and a Happy 2008,

ETA: Found, links see comments!


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