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Hopefully someone is still watching :-)

My request:

I'm looking for a SGA vid set to Katy Perry's E.T (extraterrestrial) song.  I think I remember it featuring the Wraith.  It isn't the "Todd the Wraith" one that is on youtube.

Thank you!!!

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Hey! This vid may or may not exist only in my imagination, but I'm trying anyway! SGA vid, starting out in sepia tones with John all beard-y, then turns to color and team footage, set to 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' Any ideas? Thanks!
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I'm looking for a rather recent (last few months?) Stargate Atlantis vid from the episode the Shrine. It was to the song Passenger Seat by Death Cab For Cutie. The vid used a clip from the episode at the end, the pier scene starting with something around 'I want to say goodbye now'. It may have been called 'Home', 'Driving Me Home, or 'Driving You Home'. I cannot find it on google and don't know where else to look.
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I'm looking for a vid made maybe two years ago, I think? Give or take? It was a Stargate Atlantis vid set to the theme song of The Muppet Show. It was absolutely great, but I only saw it hosted on YouTube, and at the time I did not know how to save YouTube vids to my computer. I went back a few weeks later (having learned how to do so), but found the vid as been ToS-ed and was gone.

I have no clue who made it, or if they put it up somewhere else, and I can't even remember how I found in the first place, so I can't go back to re-trace my steps. I've asked a few people, but it was up for so short a time, almost no one remembers it or saw it.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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I'm looking for a link to the Stargate Atlantis/SG1 vid made to the sound of the discovery channel ad. I wanna rec it to a friend and I can't find the link.


ETA: Found it myself. Google is your friend. (http://nibikko.com/musicvids.html)
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I am looking for a Stargate Atlantis vid. It's a character vid of Mckay and the song used is Canadian Idiot by Weird Al Yankovic.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out, due to an hd failure I have lost some music vids. I could do with your help finding them if possible.

The vids i would like to find are

 vid title - small town boy or heroes - a heroes vid (Hiro, peter etc) - music holding out for a hero by emery

stargate atlantis vid - title - why now hq season 1 music vid - music whynow by everyday sunday

any stargate atlantis, dr who or torchwood videos made by taelonmahal

torchwood vid - title - unquite grave

any help would be greatly appreciated
thankx in advance


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I truly, truly hope that anyone can find this for me. I'm looking for two videos, both Stargate Atlantis:

1) A Grace Under Pressure video. It was McShep OR Rodney/John friendship. Dark-ish. I remember it was only around a minute long, maybe one minute and a half. I know the words said were kind of muted. I know this isn't much, but any help would be appreciated.

2) I can remember almost every single detail about this video, I watched it that much. It was a McShep video, the song was by the Remembrants "I'll Be There For You", also known as the Friends theme. At the beginning, it has two clips each of Rodney and John and saying "friends forever!". In the instrumental part, the music is dimmed and the conversation between Rodney and John, while they were on the phone on earth, is played; talking about how Rodney misses John. If more detail is needed I'll put it.

Thank you so much if you do find the videos. I'll love you forever. :wub:

- ComradeDL
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I had this favorited on youtube and the account got deleted.  I googled my heart out and found a livejournal that look promising, but when I left a message I got no response and it hasn't been active in awhile.  I'm wondering if anyone knows this person and maybe their new email address and where they are hosting the vid now.  Or worse comes to worse, does anybody have the vid on their computer? :D
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Hello everyone! *waves* This is such a great idea for a community. Anyway, I'm trying to find a Stargate Atlantis video I saw quite a while ago. I have no idea who it was by, but the song was "Green and Gray" by Nickel Creek. It was sort of Sheppard/McKay/Weir. I remember it made interesting use of a grainy effect. Ring any bells? Would be most grateful!
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Hi, I saw this vid within the last couple of months and I've checked everywhere to try and find it again with no luck.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Song: Savin' Me by Nickelback

What I remember: At the beginning during the "prison gates won't open up for me" line it has Sheppard standing in the cell in Aurora.

If anybody can even point me in the right direction I would love it. I'm sure it's right under my nose, but after hunting around it's started to become a obsession! Thanks!

Edit to add: I'm pretty sure this is a Shep vid, but maybe a Team vid with lots of Shep in it. It's Not a Shep/Weir vid (but I'm not saying it doesn't have Weir in it) as I don't usually watch vids of that pairing.


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